Electric Fence Installation & Earthing

Installation:The Cheetah Fence Controller should be mounted indoor in a position free from risk of mechanical damage and out of reach of children.earthing electric fence

Earthing Electric Fence

Many farmers are needlessly reducing the effectiveness of their electric fences by failing to EARTH them adequately.

Almost seventy-five percent of poor results are directly due to FAULTY EARTHING SYSTEMS.

Common causes of poor results are:

  • Insufficient earth rods.
  • Badly jointed wires.
  • Poor connections to earth rods.
  • Earth rods too close together.
  • Earth rods not long enough.

Proper Earth System:

Guide to number of earth rods recommended with CHETA Energisers:

M15 1 Earthing is critical
E2 1-2 Select a damp area
Super 3 Attention to Safety Requirements
M-60 3-4 Install rods at least 3 metres apart
G303 4-6 Install rods at least 3 metres apart