• headlight rechargeable

    Rechargeable Head Light

    5.00 out of 5
    Rechargeable Head Light
    • Using a 3 watt cree LED this light gives ultra high brightness using low power
    • 4400mAh battery
    • 5hrs on high beam, 100m, 140 lumens
    • 24hrs on low beam, 30m
    • Car charger, 200v mains charger
    • 12hrs recharge time
    • Pack Qty 1
  • Polywire 200m.
    Polywire 200m
    • 200m of high quality Polywire for electric fencing.
    • High-density polyethylene, UV-stabilised for long life.
    • Intertwined with 8 strands of stainless steel for maximum conductivity and strength.
    • Qty 1 roll = 200m
  • Polytape 200m.
    Polytape 200m (12mm)
    • Polytape is excellent for horse fencing due to it being 12mm wide making it highly visible to horses.
    • High-density polyethylene, UV stabilised for long life.
    • Intertwined with 5 x 0.2mm stainless steel wires for maximum conductivity and strength.
    • Polytape is used for temporary fencing.
    • Qty 1 roll = 200m
  • e;astic electric fence gate
    Elastic Gate Set
    • Carries power across gateways.
    • Made from UV resistant rope.
    • 5m rope with Gate Handle.
    • Pack Qty 1
  • earth bar copy..
    1m Earth Bar and Clamp
    • Guarantee good earthing on your electric fence with this heavy-duty galvanised 1m steel earth bar with clamp.
    • Pack Qty 1
  • 2m insul copy..
    2m Insultube
    • Suitable for all wire up to 3mm diameter.
    • Designed for use on permanent electric fences, this tube insulators are perfect for wooden posts.
    • 2m lengths that you can cut to size or perhaps if you need to continue the fence line through an obstacle such as a bush or a hedge and don't wish to terminate the fence line either side and use insulated cable etc.
    • Qty 1 = 2m
  • 3.1 geared reel..
    3:1 Geared Reel
    • Most Popular option for fast wind in and out (3:1 gear ratio) on standard length portable fences.
    • Heavy duty gear box for long life.
    • Qty 1
  • 4" Insultube and Staples
    • 4 inch insultube for permanent fencing.
    • Pack Qty 50 with Barbed Staples
  • DSC06802 copy....
    9V 130ah Battery
    • The 9V battery is an alkaline square battery for use in the Cheetah Cub.
    • The battery is disposable and non-rechargeable.
    • Pack Qty 1
  • Barbed staples ..
    Barbed Staples
    • High quality barbed staples suitable for wooden posts.
    • Strong galvanised body to hold wire securely to the post.
    • Pack Qty 200
  • DSC06803.
    Cut Out Switch
    • Cut the power to your electric fence without turning off the energiser with our heavy duty switch.
    • An essential aid in fault finding, repairs and modifications.
    • You can isolate areas of even high-powered electric fencing.
    • Ideally place on gateways and links between paddocks.
    • Pack Qty 3
  • Cheta digital tester..
    Digital Tester
    • Used for energiser testing.
    • Used for checking fence line voltage.
    • Reads from 100V to 10,000V
    • Pack Qty 1